Your rebellious spirit moves me.
In other words, that female body
That’s the moment he started living.
like I’m a man reborn.
the best part of the movie.

Young girls these days…
is practically a death sentence.
It’s killing me. Each day is
I’m all alone.
Where’s the key?

what life is all about?
you seem like my family…
Your stomach hurts?
But it’s not my fault I was born.
It was snowing last night.

Your cancer has opened your eyes
First, if the pain is kind of heavy.
and all the other painful things.
Say, let’s sing something.
And your tongue’s always dry.

Someone who’s slippery and evasive.
I can’t afford to hate people.
A house of our own would
You’re risking your life.
Forget about your dad.

And I’m grateful she had me.
for my son’s sake.
I know. I nearly drowned in a pond
when he froze to death there?
Fades from your lips

when we chance upon death.
what life is all about?
“Life is Brief.”
there’s nothing to grab hold of,
No matter how I struggle and panic,

You were a slave to your own life.
you’ve got a year, at most.
In a word, your stockings had holes.
Nothing new ever happens.
I can’t just give up and die.

I have stomach cancer.
But it’s so funny.
It kills me to think of it.
once when I was a child.
He was on the swing,

Hey, his girl never showed up.
It’s not fair.
My child has sensitive skin,
I made myself into a mummy…
He neither committed suicide nor froze

machine of dreams and infatuations.
With a black dog to guide us.
I’m gonna give you a peach and a pear
And you have a wonderful son, right?
is a death sentence.

All I do is make these little things.
Before the crimson bloom
These silver balls, they’re you.
Everything seems black.
touch alone can’t account for…

How sad.
But… I can’t die.
Fall in love, maidens
What I’m trying to say…
tenderly watching a favorite child…

We only realize how beautiful life is
I love your hair
Keep your old man’s infatuation.
I’d all but forgotten about sunsets.
stayed single these 20 years for you.

so I made that awful remark. I’m sorry.
But, then, just one more night, okay?
A young mistress’ hormones
We call people like you time-killers.
a lot of weight recently,


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