Late Spring


All the love you’ve shown me
We took a bike ride together.
everything awful comes out.
I’d say you’re not the jealous type.

You’d be helpless, I know.
Even in our tea.
Yes, but it seems I’ve sinned.
She got married today.

You know, the moths have ruined
An arranged marriage
Everything is divine providence.

between you and the knife
weeping in the kitchen.
Getting married isn’t happiness.
Your hands are so cold!

How far I’ve fallen!
I want us to stay as we are.
Just smile at him sweetly.
You can’t stay here forever.

He has the exact same mouth.
Forgive me
I’m content with this life.
keep me company all day long.

Happiness isn’t something
revealing sleeves as white
You don’t want a bride whimpering
Good men are rare these days.

from sadness at leaving home
burnt rice every day.
It’s pointless to have a daughter.
The bride’s ready, and so lovely too

My life is nearing its end.
along with the folds of her heart.
But I need sewing needles.
all strung together.

Happiness lies in the forging
Only the color remains


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