The Mirror


The kind of relationship you had
Touched by the blue, your lids
And in the darkness shining
Everything’s immortal.

somehow she always has your face.
To a heavenly spring,
And the overwhelming joy is clouded
in your childhood is impossible.

Though he’s unable to understand
Nothing terrible has happened.
It may be my fault, too.
Don’t touch anything here.

Through rain-soaked lilacs,
You know, I fell and found
I haven’t spoken to anyone
Don’t be afraid of death

Her lips were always blistered.
Spread over a skeleton.
And hope, it burns up,
Here’s the axe. My husband

Though people don’t wear rings
The birds were following our tread,
To ice-laden slings,
At last we all have reached the shore,

I’m going to send you
all the time?
ln the evening.
My hand is drawing you back.

Speech rushed up sonorously formed,
Then I get depressed.
Under our feet the mint grass spread

Been leading me, like a thread,
from every great event
There was such a woman,
strange things here – roots, bushes…

At your age I was already in love…
Each time I try to enter it, something
I keep seeing one and the same dream.
Why don’t you call your mother?

When I recall my childhood
of the house and the pine trees
There’s no ring.


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