Warm Water Under a Red Bridge


I’ve been “unlucky” for ages,
Yes, I have. The one about sex.
I suffer when it happens.
no wonder it’s cold.

I’m at a friend’s funeral.
I thought he’d last longer.
like an empty belly.
the scorching summer.

As calm as the ocean appears,
it’s an impossible tale.
The originals are all gone,
Probably given up hope.

When neutrinos collide
It sounds like a novel.
our sun will change.
I tried to kill myself many times.

Warm Water
This is where the river meets the sea.
But at the moment, the enemy
It’s a rare medical text.

She gushes like a fountain.
But it’s been empty for years.
No woman’s going to cry when I die.
I’ll empty you.

There was nothing dramatic in my life.
but once we had a relationship
You love that warm fluid.
Yes, but it would taste terrible.

My mother, she died in this river.
A funeral at New Year’s
Bigger stones will comfort her spirit.
First winter snow

Trumpet flowers bloom unseasonally
Many things are all somehow connected.
Imagine dying after choking
I could help out.

This place is a womb for you.
You aren’t married to her.
That’s impossible.
Imagine being a rook,

and throw yourself into lasciviousness.
As long as you don’t steal.
I couldn’t devote myself to lechery.
Especially in vain.

We had a murder
up between her legs.
The fishermen you cuckolded
Those fishermen love sweets!

You don’t trust me.
I’ve got a family.
but do you realize how much I suffer?
That hurts.

“Ouch Ouch Syndrome?”
Then enjoy a degenerate life.
One man wasn’t enough for a monster
Am I just his substitute?


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