Hiroshima, Mon amour


What was there for you to weep over?
The photographs, the photographs,
I loved blood since I had tasted yours.
I see the ink.

Then one day I screamed again,
Hungry for infidelity,
Ten thousand suns, people will say.
and gladioli everywhere,

One day without his eyes and she dies,
I still remember the pain a little bit.
I can feel it with my hands, day by day.
She still doesn’t dare come close.

I tremble at forgetting such love.
Perhaps there’s a chance you’ll stay.
While my body is still ablaze
You will become a song.

You have such beautiful skin.
morning glories and day lilies
It comes over you, consumes you,
I lie… and I tell the truth.

I cheated on you tonight
Such a short time doesn’t count.
Metal made as vulnerable as flesh.
our death that goes on.

Deform me to your likeness,
and we’ll get married.
one night on a bicycle.

I begin to forget you.
I think I love you.
An eternity.
It will begin again.

He’s going to kiss me and I’ll be lost.
with fresh water rich with fish,
Before, when we were in love,
Staying is even more impossible

His body and mine
a very beautiful river,
it will swallow your voice.
People walk around, lost in thought,

forgetting will begin with your eyes.
for adultery, for lies,
You fit my body like a glove.
Dime-store romance.

I was watching your hands.
drain and fill at their usual hour,
There was no point in telling you.
You’re still destroying me.


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