No ashes here.
A couple of dresses
Your heart’s asleep.
You went through the woods?
Don’t lie.
The pain in my chest…
the church clock.
Your mothers dead.
It was a cyclone…

For the priest, they’re in heaven.
With my gun perhaps?
I’ll strangle you.
Have you thought about death?
I knew you hadn’t slept at home.
… as if I had a stone inside.
Remember I gave you a green apple.
The whole night?
We all die some day.

The water turned red.
with perfume and aromatic plants.
You love someone else?
It’s warmth I need.
We’ll make a real good blaze.
There’ll be a heap of ashes
but not the whole truth.
That should be the true religion.
… but now I wonder if I like you


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