The Spirit of the Beehive


Sure, the young ones fool you,
You can’t even imagine.
maddened commotion
of the nurse bees

what makes trees grow
It’s a disguise they put on
Light bothers her.
Six and two is eight

A spirit is a spirit.
of indescribable sadness and horror.
beyond the clouds and stars?
agitation of the honeycomb,

What do you see in the darkness
He can breathe.
The lungs.
Holy souls, we kneel before you.

Everything in the movies is fake.
That’s been my constant prayer
The most poisonous.
ever told.

It’s one of the strangest stories
But you’re always a good girl,
after what we’ve been through
Is it a horror movie?

His heart.
the relentless yet ineffectual toil,
the happy moments we spent together,
and stairways of wax


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