In the Mood for Love


Sorry to interrupt your dinner.
l wanted to hear your voice.
l want to ask you something too.

l sometimes wonder
Am l hopeless?
l don’t have secrets like you.

When you’re single,
Feelings can creep up
Something’s missing.

She has kept her head lowered,
lt’s sad to see her so lonely.
for lack of courage,

l didn’t know married life
a dusty window pane,
the stitches…

you’d fall in love with me.
This is just a rehearsal.
lsn’t it?

l’ve been to see a picture.
l heard voices,
Nothing special.

the past is something he couId see,
what l’d be if l hadn’t married.
He remembers those vanished years.

who made the first move.
l never thanked you
Don’t forget your keys.

Mind how you hang the mirror,
Let me finish writing this first.
And leave the secret there forever.


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