Sansho the Bailiff


I don’t understand it at all.
Your wife and children are in pain.
Even children as young as you
Please take care of them.

You may be too young to understand,
a stubborn man like me.
Isn’t life torture?
Yes, more thatch and soft grass

Go dump her in the mountains.
Cut her tendon so she can’t run away!
Don’t give her to wild birds.
to the vicious waves.

She was found dead by the cape.
with your conscience…
she jumped into the sea?
the big tsunami two years ago.

Who first sang such a sad song
A courtesan?
I see so many flowers.
There are hard roads ahead.

Despite our births,
Unless those hearts can be changed…?
I’m looking for a woman named

We can’t all fit in one boat.
if we run away together.
Keep it in remembrance of me.
Farewell. I’ll be praying

Remember, girls.
My regret is that I could not come
Whatever happens, you must endure it.
…as one of the world’s great folk tales,

protect her from the frost.
I don’t want to hear any more.
I’m sorry
You may be too young to understand,


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