The Eel


Sorry for all the letters.
I fell in love with the wrong person.
I’ll wash your things.
Please accept this, along with my apologies.
Everyone’s living in sin.

I often wondered how I could kill the one I loved so much…
I tried to forget, but these hands can’t.
Sleeping pills and lipstick.
Reciting a sutra between the warm thighs of a woman.
It’s called ‘The hole’.

It’s an 8 year habit.
I just wanted someone to be with me.
Sacrificing themselves,
It only took two stitches.
When I cut myself…

I want to become a part of that blue sky.
No one’s ever taken care of me before. Not like that.
The ocean’s full of dead fry.
Anonymous sperm fertilized them to life
Morning sickness.

If the eel is too short, it won’t enter.
I started to think, what’s the point in living?
She was 31 years old.
Please. I just can’t have this baby.
Call Homicide.

I’ve been looking for you.
I don’t like flowers.
Hold your wife’s hand.
No, I’m more concerned about her feelings.
The blade slashing her flesh…


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