some beautiful Jewesses.
Some carried whips.
Jumping from the windows.
That was the essential thing
I thought about it
the van was stationary.

Those who didn’t run fast
You can’t imagine
Blows fell everywhere,
a really total silence.
forests : silence and beauty.
That was the paradox.

He sang, but his heart wept.
Near me. With me.
a feeling of helplessness,
a raging sea.
But first, undress.
Do ”their” hearts weep

wearing blue armbands.
the smoke choked me.
It was God’s will,
two locomotives
an incubator of epidemics.
Bear in mind, the graves

They called on Jesus
their mouths with crackers
Totally naked. Here
But don’t use my name.
sometimes they’d find a deer
marked with a red-cross

an elderly couple.
It was a pledge of secrecy.
It was something.
rings, gold, everything.
that silence,
Dogs barked.

The mountains, the air…
when it was whispered.
They walked with chains
from their parents.
He drank every drop he got
If you could lick my heart,

The boy was treated and healed
Criminals. All kinds.
on stretchers.
Claude, you asked
and over there was death.

How’s your heart ?
We’re shipwrecked.
and I saw he had tears
I circled the ruins.
Across the throat.
made of steel.

objects of value.
like a chorus….
that powdered bone.
The lake of ashes
But I had no power.
I can’t pronounce it :

the ”Ascension”.
some evil spell
I still remember :
it was impossible to pick up them.
Absolutely. Everywhere.

the graves,
of every imaginable color,
Yes, and there was gold.
and a smokestack.
children whose mother
This film is theirs as well.

some men hang themselves.
Horrifying screams.
flames shot up. Very high.
like herrings, head to foot.
The black execution wall
When we undressed

There was the church,
it sold thread, needles,
and gunshots,
First they tortured her
how they weakened,

they gave them water, too.
collected the gold
Then the doors opened
contact with my father.
”Lingers in my memory…”
to forget, thank God,

Mountains of shoes,
paper and gasoline,
their thirst.
Their clothing remained
We wept too, Madam says.

Cows were grazing…
Not like the ghetto air.
400,000, yes.
minus 20.
sometimes you cry.

of pine trees.
The road was narrower then,
with a red cross.
there was no future
But you knew


Raise the Red Lantern


Good, the next poem.

Kneel down. Let’s look at your hair.
How long could you lie
moss hair, bird’s nest…
Such sins, such sins…
Have some dresses made with it.
She was in great pain.

You may get hurt.
I thought so when I first saw you.
What is that small room for up above?
My mother wants me. I must go.
Even her laughter sounds like music.
I can smell her miles away.

My father was in the tea business.
Sorry, I just keep talking.
Lighted lanterns, foot massages.
and a scorpion’s heart.
Save such wishes for your father.
You’ll have another son.

Locked in a golden cage I pine away.
Lush are the mountain flowers
They were all crying. It was very sad.
crows cry under the frosty sky.
I want you to cut my hair.
They said she died calling your name.

It’s better dead than alive and suffering.
I must cut my hair.
I had it burnt.


Nosferatu The Vampyre


Blood is life.
It’s strange…
Even the stars…
the cry of the cock…

Bad things will happen
nameless deadly fear.
The black coffins.
Let’s go to the ocean, now.

The sun is hurting my eyes.
I hear the sounds of sails
I’m writing because I believe
Time is an abyss, profound

yesterday had a seizure.
the light suddenly divides and…
looks so unreal.
Don’t go. I won’t allow it.

Evil is on the way.
Mother Superior, my medicine.
She deserves a nicer house.
the weak heart of a woman…

he sent me a letter
It could give you blood poisoning.
with my thoughts.
into dark bedrooms.

What?… What a lovely throat.
and find ourselves in straight-jackets?
God is far away when we need him.
Speed 40 knots. Tall waves.

He goes through walls
A rumor of a mysterious stranger
has worn you out.
And people disappear without a trace.

Your hand is so cold.
you must dine alone.
there is a curse on my ship.
Of incubuses and succubuses.

It looks like he’s suffering
strength of my heart.
To the place where we fell in love.
Cruel is when you can’t


Cinema Paradiso


Life isn’t like in the movies.
film catching fire.
loving someone.
Probably that’s how it was meant to be.

I wanted to tell you…
Take me to the sea.
because I have doubts…
In rain, in wind, in snow,

the depth of his feeling…
In a film, it’d already be over.
loving someone.
the world is yours.

What was yours is gone.
The thread’s broken.
Even the photographs burned!
Then you leave… a year, two years.

Yes, finally, I see the light.
Nearly set fire to the house.
Here there are only ghosts.
You don’t love me anymore.

A moment before he closed his eyes…
Blood all over the floor, like a lake.
Christ on a cross…

Movies were silent.
I want to hear talk about you.
When we meet, I can’t say anything right…
I just felt, I’m a dead man.

my days here go on forever.
Your soul.
All your things.
dead-end street.

right now, the film’s out of focus.
for the loveliest princesses in the realm.
He always talked about you. Always.
Tears streamed from his eyes.

But your life is there.
Don’t even try. With feelings,
The fire’s out. It’s over. I’m here.
Breathing fumes.


The White Ribbon


Winter came early that year.
I couldn’t get her out of my mind
It was only a dream.
I woke up and you weren’t there.

I tied a white ribbon in her hair.
It wound itself around two trees,
If I remember correctly,
My secret hope

Our Father, who art in heaven
Come on, untie me!
I gave God a chance to kill me.
But he’s so sweet. He harms no one.

your mother sometimes tied a ribbon
in childbirth,
Beauty has to suffer.
at the railway station,

the temptations of your young body.
but of those nightly ties
One who smells good,
I don’t know you.

Listen, I’m not a big talker.
I mean, if you dream of something,
from the lovely colored paper?
it may be painful.

Let’s go back to the Theme.
I don’t know. I felt sorry for him.
he caught a chill, almost died.
and departure was in the air.

This is the blood
sparkled so brightly
bicycling off.
so the holes closed up.

several of the crime scenes,
in your hair or around your arm.
which are plentiful in the river.
One grows sentimental when in pain.

You could be her father.
he was depressed and joyless.
by her mixture of shyness
That I’m not man enough

apathy and brutality.
What does it mean?
ten strokes of the cane.
Did you sleep with him?

One must be helpless
For Reformation Day,
Is that why you’re wandering around?
Because you’re so sad.

But people aren’t always grateful.
No. But sweeping up hair all day…
my dreams do come true.
I was wrong.

Dreams don’t come true.
that are dominated by malice,
It’s amazing,
When night fell,

By then the room was icy cold.
and thou givest them their meat
I’m not crying any more.
he’d bite off his tongue

to be so mean.
Since my marriage proposal,
Lying on his belly,
I wanted to spend Saturday with her

his horse tripped on a wire
while making love to you.
Don’t send me away, sir, please.
I’ll wait till you’re in bed.

It’s wounded.
Will you set it free,
His trousers were pulled down,
For loving you,

You’re hiding something from me.
But I’m only there for the twins.
the bicycle,
those who injured my son,


Ali: Fear Eats the Soul


I’ve fallen in love.
with nobody around us.
But you didn’t want to understand.

Nobody looks me in the eye anymore.
thinking makes a person sad.
dirt takes over.

Nobody can live without others.
Some women want it that way.
Would you play the gypsy record

That woman has death in her eye.
and she doesn’t need anyone else.
dark clothes look so sad,

Caviar’s good for love, they say.
another person having something.
a little piece of heaven.

I always pretend I don’t care,
I’m alone most of the time.
Your legs aren’t broken, are they?

I love only you.
Sure. Time heals all wounds.
Could you hand me a knife?

Big heart.
Like butter.
Yes, like real gold.

Can’t get over it?
Think much, cry much.
You can sleep here tonight.

A mouse and an elephant meet.
Someone has collapsed.
and no one stares.


The Piano Teacher


A pianist with a disfigured hand.
If you value my affection, go.
I won’t touch you again.
I adore lying in the name of love.
For that is my dearest wish.
I propose

We’re made of flesh and blood.
love is built on banal things.
Ignore the structure
The grey robe of the sky!
she’s my problem.
The painting depicts

Bark me away, you waking dogs,
I don’t want to read any letters.
before being completely abandoned.
Forgive me for the letter.
the inner voices so much.
on the pillows.

Ask me why I don’t cry out
How can I perform after…
The cut was so classical.
Screaming the house down.
May I kiss you on the neck?
then take refuge on the ice.

Recently, I found a painting
I love you.
And next morning, all flown away.
She’s always been a loner.
After such euphoria,
At least this one has a key.

You can’t get a guy going,
That’s why we sacrificed everything.
I’ll never write anything
nothing can ever hurt you.
At least 2 months, with no guarantee
but he clings on, one last time.

scream to whisper not loud to soft.
It torments him
Invading people’s homes like this.
temptation to kiss you on the neck.
I’m not. I want all you want.
inside people, then reject them.

Rattling their chains.
after sampling spiritual
The tighter the better.
You can’t let me go just like that.
I was under your window

Probably due to the images
I spent 8 hours in my cage.
Take all the door keys
Is that why you’re in a bad mood?
I have no feelings.
to kiss the hand

I don’t believe
It’s only to replace someone.
I have all we need.
You tell me what you want, okay?
Replenished of good and bad.
I was tired and needed some air.