Au Revoir Les Enfants


He took her in his arms…
and playing with her hair,
found a pearl still untouched.

They found resistance leaflets
Degrees of algebraic numbers.
He stood there, shelterless,

I saw him, stealing butter.
caressing her delicate neck…
We only made exchanges.

See the sweethearts.
fought off, with heavy losses.
I will miss you every minute

Open your mouth.
arrange the flowers for Sunday.
I’ll throw you out of Jerusalem,

There are wolves in this forest?
Your parents,
Can you give me some light?

The princess was as soft and white
and had the sweet scent of amber.
and indifference from our hearts.

No more kisses?
We are living in times of hatred
until she was completely naked

Allah is my God
absolutely blameless.
and my blood is true drink.

Open your books at page 61.
for you will mourn and weep’.
Dying of cold.

I am not gifted
I leave that to apple-polishers
Robin, 9.5. Average.

He ran his hands on her soft members,
feeling warm urine on my belly.

Now, there is straw in bread.
and I press you on my heart.
You had promised.

Only “20,000 Leagues under the sea”
kissing, caressing and copulating…
the rage of the destitute…

to be with you, and see you every day.
The truth probably lies in the middle.


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