Spirited Away


I wasn’t dreaming.
Those paper things are gone now.
That’s why I’ve never left this room.
Something you wouldn’t recognize.

Yeah, I remember being in darkness.
Now go, and don’t look back.
Someday, I’m getting on that train.
In the name of the wind

Don’t be afraid, honey.
– My baby!
It looks like a sea.
your very last breath.

Wow. It really is a sea.
It’s made from the threads
You can let go of the rope now.
Leave, before it gets dark.

How long was I asleep?
Just one rose isn’t a bouquet.
And with water this murky,
That’s love for you.

So you’re the one who carried me back
into shallow water.
you must take care of this girl.
Mom! My flowers are dying.

Even the tiniest breath will break the
Bad dream.
and his eyes turned steely.
Maybe he swallowed something.

I’m sorry. I took a breath.
Medicine from the river spirit.
and anyone who steals it will die.
Now swallow.

Are birds chasing him?
They turn back into soot.
the threads together.
to remember mine.


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