The 400 Blows


Women are always taken
They’re all numbered.
I know mine by heart.

for a pinup that fell from the sky.
Things vanish into thin air
Better to have freedom

My beautiful little mistress
There was blood everywhere.
Sure, it keeps me warm.

kindness, persuasion, punishment.
you will conjugate
as if you had a lisp.

A breath caressed his face
One of my father’s souvenirs.
but she didn’t show up, so I left.

and I will finally have some peace.
Recess is a reward, not a right.
I’m working on finding us

There were fights at home,
for hours, ruining his eyes.
Like rabbits. It’s disgusting.

Ah, ”The Tortoise and the Hare.”
a tooth for a tooth.
And then she took the nice book away

Have you ever slept with a girl?
One candle won’t do the job.
Tip of the tongue between your teeth,

I sense a storm coming.
If she drops her pen, pick it up,
Take your seat and write this down.

”Better thorns in the woods than…”


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