Others my age usually suffer
and drink a glass of oblivion
my dress of attachment…
hearing your faint song
I love pencils
smashing summer to pieces

A kiss means…
trapped inside…
We lament this precious life
unraveled like a thread of silk
you’ve brought me flowers
A kiss means lips crashing

To the grass kissing
(tongue comes, tongue goes)
How will I undress you
I couldn’t erase that memory
As the stain of last summer’s
forget-me-nots fade from…

To write poetry is to wake alone
It’s important to see everything
deep in the night weeping
White is virginity, yellow is glory
I dream of self-obliteration

has flowers in her heart,
Actually, it looks like a shield
I wanted to ask you about it
how deeply I loved you
clouds on the surface map
moving towards the Yellow Sea

that pure paper…
Like the wind that lingers
the muscles are in knots
Don’t try to steal me
Do not love me anymore
keep your body clean

Verses like this
that spring from the branches…
my father’s face
the ashes of burnt coal


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