Farewell My Concubine


I see the joyful couples pass. . .
the wolves and tigers
my heart’s in my throat.
I-l-l am by nature a boy. . .

heroes and beauties take the stage. . .
It’s a death in the present day.
We sing
Into ruin and decay

But I’ve become a man of fire.
I can uproot the mountains.
even after death, I’ll be there
to drink wine from their mouths.

The river’s course is twisted,
Song of sorrow and grief
I’m beaten to death tomorrow. . .
heroines burn your letters.

desire burns in my heart. .
I can’t let you die.
No sound is but a song,
Unless his heart has broken.

I’m used to hardship.
The case of the traitor
no movement is but a dance.
Stepping on the great mother

she’s lost the baby.
into an abyss of misery
amongst the clouds.
he smoked away the blood ,

hidden under my mattress.
The flowers have blossomed
He sang for wounded
in your mind.

We’ve got a sea of people.
at the house of Blossoms.
all he had left was one woman
Ma, my hands are freezing.

And my beloved concubine,
I am by nature a boy. .
Catching my breath. .
to become a star?

I’ve fallen on bad times
frost and hard toil
Enduring the wind and
Even the king was weeping.

It’s going to rain.
I’ll fill up your glass
heart by sadness. .
You were- were- his-


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