Fanny and Alexander


the star in the east leads us home
for a few short moments…
The tears won’t come.

I feel like a bakery ablaze.
Would you mind if I cry a while?
soon the everlasting stars are all I see

It’s tangible yet immeasurable.
Heavenly bodies are hurtling away
from the merciless light of day.

I don’t care if it’s hopeless.
A shapeless burning figure
the imagination spins,

I’ve heard the universe is expanding.
It’s terrible and unbelievable.
dirty life engulfs us.

You said you’d been up all night,
Blazing like a torch,
full of toil and grief

all these cries, all these tears
fruit trees in bloom, waltzes.
with his body burnt

hopes, fears and longings.
igniting his bedclothes
It seems you’ve changed your mind.

with small breasts and narrow hips,
I have the key.
I spit on you and you forgive me.

She doesn’t need any protectors,
stood the woman in her black dress.
haunted by fear and bad dreams.

emotional storms.
of handling papa’s little adventures.
in your mother’s presence.

the mountain, the cloud and the springs…
whistling through their false teeth.
for the rain it raineth every day

I feel a terrible loneliness.
on account of your lies.
the secrets of my prison house

and in the porches of my ears
words are so inadequate.
My teeth are tingling.

She was very small in stature,
A pretty pattern.
and she turned to powder and dust.

He never thought life was cruel
but they fell headfirst into the water
and the river had frozen over.

why I never felt really happy.
Love cannot be commanded,
like a security blanket.

He’s mad with jealousy
and the skin is broken.
but it’s a healthy sting.

freeze thy young blood,
Take your damn paint box!
The floodgates had been closed

How could he have fallen for her?
in the blossoms of my sin,
There are no ghosts.

Reality has remained broken
I had a right to be emotional.
The main thing is not to lose heart.


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