He’s my father.
He really was the worst father ever.
Yes, they all burn the same way.

That you happened to pass through here.
Only to leave a cardboard box behind.

Last winter, the two of us
my marriage proposal.
What I believed to be my dream…

Fate plays funny tricks on people.
Your mother must have been lonely.
She collapsed while carrying firewood…

this world’s fatigue, pain, and lust…
He cried when he was alone in the bath.
So hard his shoulders shook from crying.

It’s kind of sad… to climb only to die.
To revive a cold body,
We bought a small cake,

He said he felt something in you.
and bid her farewell one last time.
My condolences.

Is this my punishment for
such an unremarkable life.
your mom loved your dad the whole time.

I fell in love with someone…
It was calm and precise.
Probably charcoal-burning suicide.

Clothing ritual is performed to
(traditional Japanese song)
I want you to go right away.


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