Les Amants du Pont-Neuf


Somebody loves you. If you say:
Look, you’re like me.
I’m ready to live in the dark.
Gonna take you down south.
Blow everything sky high.
The sky is white.
I have the keys.
Give me your hand.

The girl, she can’t stay.
Don’t be cruel.
Bone’s broke… It’s gonna knit.
It hurt like hell… I couldn’t see.
made life beautiful.

I want to be drunk with you,
even your hair…
blurry dancing flames…
set the eye on fire,
See it again… before I’m blind.

My dreams sent me.
Can you love me?
Wanna go walk?
I’m afraid of us… at times
I can’t see the horizon…

He played music for her,
Christmas, yes…
But the pain inched between us.

The sea! The sea!
My eyes are going.
Hold me.
“Love forever”…
Too late.

You’ll be there? My white cane?
One day, I’ll draw you.
One night, you and me,
Breakfast in bed… You’ll see,
not windy sidewalks!

No, we have to forget each other
need to paint you.
and think of you.
Fix it so she’s out of my face.
I miss you.

Tenderness, like the others?
took the train…
I make love every three years.”
Got to be patient with me.
30 years a guard.

Cause you… you want love?
No bullet missing?
I’m on your eyes.
I look at them each night
A gift.

“Hello, dreamed of you.”
Don’t make me say, not tonight.
I’m proud I taught you to sleep…
Not that she didn’t love me…
Girl doesn’t love me.


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