Knife in the Water


you can’t unbutton her blouse.
You know there’s nothing left
This isn’t Lourdes.

Are you the white sail on the lake
That handful of stars above
Joy has faded

Kissing in the alley
Life gets boring.
There’s no tenderness in us

He was just like you.
My teeth were chattering.
The oil in my lamp is low

Blood spurted everywhere.
Rub some on my back.
I’ve got a delicate touch.

Time for a swim.
I said it was shallow.
I didn’t know where the wind was.

A knife comes in handy.
Though life is empty
I want it back.

He jumped on the broken glass.
That’s how it is in life.
A poem.

Spit in the water.
Show him what a nice voice you have.
Why do you carry that murderous thing?


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