La Haine


On the way down he says to himself:

It’s hopeless. Once I could talk
without seeing a soul.

I wasn’t here.
I don’t remember.

in her teeth. She goes down
Even when we bathed together,

My friend’s a romantic,
Everyone’s been inside, except me.

all the fists you can eat,
The point is: God’s inside you,

You’re dreaming.
You said you’d cut my hair.

My new sewing machine!

So fold your little tents,
A stitch in time saves nine.

if a loose gun is dangerous
I’d waste you for free.

a camera behind the mirror
You’re the painting!

What happened here?
A nice little bullet?
iced by the pigs?
gifts in jail?

That’s my middle name!

so he gets mad.
you don’t forget.
But it’s hard to stop in time.
That only works in movies.


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