Paris, Texas


She was just … plain.
She wanted something,
And then suddenly everything changed.
My body remembers.

even though I was alone.
I used to make up long speeches
in the middle of the night,
something must have cut your tongue out.

Your father.
just disappeared.
He never looked back at the fire.
I guess you’d better tell him the truth.

And he dreamed about this place
Your hair,
and he wanted to walk you home.
Listen, sweet heart. If I could see you,

Jealousy was a sign
This is not bad stuff.
We will split up,
I don’t want to talk, either, sometimes.

There’s nothing out there.
In between.
And under the water,
You can sleep while I drive.

She got mad at everything.
She said she couldn’t be a mother
My mother,
to fill all my emptiness.

She accused him of holding her captive,
His arms were burning.
They were in love with each other.
but there was nothing there.

she began to get irritated with everything around her.
So he tied a cowbell to her ankle,
kind of, kind of sickness
he wished he were far away.

Can you hear me, Dad? Over.
I want to find her, too.
running naked down a highway.
Somewhere without language

That was all she dreamed about:
how much rage I had.
What does a father look like?
and inched her away out bed

Hello, honey.
I told you these weren’t toys. Over.
You realize that I can’t see you,
You know, I’m getting a little sick of this silence routine.

ever since I picked you up in the desert .
We’d have long conversations,
I love you more than my life.
We don’t want to get too close.

if you don’t want to talk, you know.
I could see you, smell you.
What si- size shoes you wear?
He started imagining

it was floating around.
All kinds of trouble.
the whole universe
of ocean. Nothing but ocean.

And here’s you. I like this picture.
You are not going, are you?
Yeah. The Earth was really gas.
that she dreamed about escaping.

And the more he was away from her,
He disappeared.
made love.
All he wanted to do was sleep.


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