He was practically on his knees.
teeth, rolling about on the floor,
It was on the television.

Still keeping her legs crossed?
Not till we’re married, darling.
to like her honey…[muttering]

We made a date, remember?
I’ve been waiting over an hour.
We must get this crack mended.

I don’t think Cinderella likes me.
voice makes my flesh creep.
She seems a dead loss to me.

He shouldn’t touch her.
Got her fist right down her throat.
I thought this one was different.

the Miss World competition.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
She’ll weep with gratitude.

Don’t look so sad. The time
You can’t just disappear for 3 days.
She doesn’t speak English, does she?

I want to be…to be with you
I’m not in love…with anyone.
He found eels coming out of his sink.

Just a little kiss
and round in my head…

I’ve had your promises before.
Sweet music, soft light,
and then given sweets.

I wouldn’t touch her.
with my coat torn,
All alone, by the telephone.

Still biting your nails, eh?
You shouldn’t touch her.
The ringing tone nearly drove me mad.

Cassius Clay all over the place!
That bloody bell!
in love or something.


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