to be vulnerable to each other.

What does Dracula do
I gotta have some kind of a release.
break into tears any minute.
and a lot of grief…
goes flying down the drain.

Put on the red meat, baby
Love not war has conquered man
You don’t make me insecure.
I think we were all created evil!
I’m not ashamed of any of our routines.

It’s wonderful. You’re wonderful.
Twenty-seven years old?
I thought you just had problems.
worrying about pictures.
That’s it. That’s life, honey.

You want violence, huh?
They get into bed
And I prayed, man. Oh, G—
Let me close this door.
And it was love at first sight.

If I find my love
On the summer air
if you’ll just keep that lovely mouth of yours
And never leave me here alone
but I didn’t get the chance somehow.

You’re supposed to be saving my life.
We don’t even know each other.
Kind of like, uh, Jesus said.
Could have been your huh-huh.
What are we doin’ on our knees?

Now turn out the lights.
I dream of Jeannie
Borne like a vapor
He kiss — He kisses her.
Love is dead

If I had a cigarette, I could think.
I just don’t love you.
I don’t want you to die.
You can have the house
I wanted to be the first to surrender.

Standing in a corner looking out the side
I don’t feel any younger.
The Lone Ranger rides again.
where the light something grows
and I wanna start over again.

I’m sorry I talk too much.
Tears —Tears are happiness, man.
and stay a while, bright eyes.
White horse hero.
Yeah, but sexual nightmares

You know, I have insomnia…
Noun. Grave or solemn
Give me the keys. Give me the keys.
your little heart desires…
Thank you, Emily Dickinson.


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