The Piano Teacher


A pianist with a disfigured hand.
If you value my affection, go.
I won’t touch you again.
I adore lying in the name of love.
For that is my dearest wish.
I propose

We’re made of flesh and blood.
love is built on banal things.
Ignore the structure
The grey robe of the sky!
she’s my problem.
The painting depicts

Bark me away, you waking dogs,
I don’t want to read any letters.
before being completely abandoned.
Forgive me for the letter.
the inner voices so much.
on the pillows.

Ask me why I don’t cry out
How can I perform after…
The cut was so classical.
Screaming the house down.
May I kiss you on the neck?
then take refuge on the ice.

Recently, I found a painting
I love you.
And next morning, all flown away.
She’s always been a loner.
After such euphoria,
At least this one has a key.

You can’t get a guy going,
That’s why we sacrificed everything.
I’ll never write anything
nothing can ever hurt you.
At least 2 months, with no guarantee
but he clings on, one last time.

scream to whisper not loud to soft.
It torments him
Invading people’s homes like this.
temptation to kiss you on the neck.
I’m not. I want all you want.
inside people, then reject them.

Rattling their chains.
after sampling spiritual
The tighter the better.
You can’t let me go just like that.
I was under your window

Probably due to the images
I spent 8 hours in my cage.
Take all the door keys
Is that why you’re in a bad mood?
I have no feelings.
to kiss the hand

I don’t believe
It’s only to replace someone.
I have all we need.
You tell me what you want, okay?
Replenished of good and bad.
I was tired and needed some air.


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