Ali: Fear Eats the Soul


I’ve fallen in love.
with nobody around us.
But you didn’t want to understand.

Nobody looks me in the eye anymore.
thinking makes a person sad.
dirt takes over.

Nobody can live without others.
Some women want it that way.
Would you play the gypsy record

That woman has death in her eye.
and she doesn’t need anyone else.
dark clothes look so sad,

Caviar’s good for love, they say.
another person having something.
a little piece of heaven.

I always pretend I don’t care,
I’m alone most of the time.
Your legs aren’t broken, are they?

I love only you.
Sure. Time heals all wounds.
Could you hand me a knife?

Big heart.
Like butter.
Yes, like real gold.

Can’t get over it?
Think much, cry much.
You can sleep here tonight.

A mouse and an elephant meet.
Someone has collapsed.
and no one stares.


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