The White Ribbon


Winter came early that year.
I couldn’t get her out of my mind
It was only a dream.
I woke up and you weren’t there.

I tied a white ribbon in her hair.
It wound itself around two trees,
If I remember correctly,
My secret hope

Our Father, who art in heaven
Come on, untie me!
I gave God a chance to kill me.
But he’s so sweet. He harms no one.

your mother sometimes tied a ribbon
in childbirth,
Beauty has to suffer.
at the railway station,

the temptations of your young body.
but of those nightly ties
One who smells good,
I don’t know you.

Listen, I’m not a big talker.
I mean, if you dream of something,
from the lovely colored paper?
it may be painful.

Let’s go back to the Theme.
I don’t know. I felt sorry for him.
he caught a chill, almost died.
and departure was in the air.

This is the blood
sparkled so brightly
bicycling off.
so the holes closed up.

several of the crime scenes,
in your hair or around your arm.
which are plentiful in the river.
One grows sentimental when in pain.

You could be her father.
he was depressed and joyless.
by her mixture of shyness
That I’m not man enough

apathy and brutality.
What does it mean?
ten strokes of the cane.
Did you sleep with him?

One must be helpless
For Reformation Day,
Is that why you’re wandering around?
Because you’re so sad.

But people aren’t always grateful.
No. But sweeping up hair all day…
my dreams do come true.
I was wrong.

Dreams don’t come true.
that are dominated by malice,
It’s amazing,
When night fell,

By then the room was icy cold.
and thou givest them their meat
I’m not crying any more.
he’d bite off his tongue

to be so mean.
Since my marriage proposal,
Lying on his belly,
I wanted to spend Saturday with her

his horse tripped on a wire
while making love to you.
Don’t send me away, sir, please.
I’ll wait till you’re in bed.

It’s wounded.
Will you set it free,
His trousers were pulled down,
For loving you,

You’re hiding something from me.
But I’m only there for the twins.
the bicycle,
those who injured my son,


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