Cinema Paradiso


Life isn’t like in the movies.
film catching fire.
loving someone.
Probably that’s how it was meant to be.

I wanted to tell you…
Take me to the sea.
because I have doubts…
In rain, in wind, in snow,

the depth of his feeling…
In a film, it’d already be over.
loving someone.
the world is yours.

What was yours is gone.
The thread’s broken.
Even the photographs burned!
Then you leave… a year, two years.

Yes, finally, I see the light.
Nearly set fire to the house.
Here there are only ghosts.
You don’t love me anymore.

A moment before he closed his eyes…
Blood all over the floor, like a lake.
Christ on a cross…

Movies were silent.
I want to hear talk about you.
When we meet, I can’t say anything right…
I just felt, I’m a dead man.

my days here go on forever.
Your soul.
All your things.
dead-end street.

right now, the film’s out of focus.
for the loveliest princesses in the realm.
He always talked about you. Always.
Tears streamed from his eyes.

But your life is there.
Don’t even try. With feelings,
The fire’s out. It’s over. I’m here.
Breathing fumes.


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