Nosferatu The Vampyre


Blood is life.
It’s strange…
Even the stars…
the cry of the cock…

Bad things will happen
nameless deadly fear.
The black coffins.
Let’s go to the ocean, now.

The sun is hurting my eyes.
I hear the sounds of sails
I’m writing because I believe
Time is an abyss, profound

yesterday had a seizure.
the light suddenly divides and…
looks so unreal.
Don’t go. I won’t allow it.

Evil is on the way.
Mother Superior, my medicine.
She deserves a nicer house.
the weak heart of a woman…

he sent me a letter
It could give you blood poisoning.
with my thoughts.
into dark bedrooms.

What?… What a lovely throat.
and find ourselves in straight-jackets?
God is far away when we need him.
Speed 40 knots. Tall waves.

He goes through walls
A rumor of a mysterious stranger
has worn you out.
And people disappear without a trace.

Your hand is so cold.
you must dine alone.
there is a curse on my ship.
Of incubuses and succubuses.

It looks like he’s suffering
strength of my heart.
To the place where we fell in love.
Cruel is when you can’t


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