some beautiful Jewesses.
Some carried whips.
Jumping from the windows.
That was the essential thing
I thought about it
the van was stationary.

Those who didn’t run fast
You can’t imagine
Blows fell everywhere,
a really total silence.
forests : silence and beauty.
That was the paradox.

He sang, but his heart wept.
Near me. With me.
a feeling of helplessness,
a raging sea.
But first, undress.
Do ”their” hearts weep

wearing blue armbands.
the smoke choked me.
It was God’s will,
two locomotives
an incubator of epidemics.
Bear in mind, the graves

They called on Jesus
their mouths with crackers
Totally naked. Here
But don’t use my name.
sometimes they’d find a deer
marked with a red-cross

an elderly couple.
It was a pledge of secrecy.
It was something.
rings, gold, everything.
that silence,
Dogs barked.

The mountains, the air…
when it was whispered.
They walked with chains
from their parents.
He drank every drop he got
If you could lick my heart,

The boy was treated and healed
Criminals. All kinds.
on stretchers.
Claude, you asked
and over there was death.

How’s your heart ?
We’re shipwrecked.
and I saw he had tears
I circled the ruins.
Across the throat.
made of steel.

objects of value.
like a chorus….
that powdered bone.
The lake of ashes
But I had no power.
I can’t pronounce it :

the ”Ascension”.
some evil spell
I still remember :
it was impossible to pick up them.
Absolutely. Everywhere.

the graves,
of every imaginable color,
Yes, and there was gold.
and a smokestack.
children whose mother
This film is theirs as well.

some men hang themselves.
Horrifying screams.
flames shot up. Very high.
like herrings, head to foot.
The black execution wall
When we undressed

There was the church,
it sold thread, needles,
and gunshots,
First they tortured her
how they weakened,

they gave them water, too.
collected the gold
Then the doors opened
contact with my father.
”Lingers in my memory…”
to forget, thank God,

Mountains of shoes,
paper and gasoline,
their thirst.
Their clothing remained
We wept too, Madam says.

Cows were grazing…
Not like the ghetto air.
400,000, yes.
minus 20.
sometimes you cry.

of pine trees.
The road was narrower then,
with a red cross.
there was no future
But you knew


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