Air Doll


Up in the sky, there’s air
bathed in light,

I am useless…
I told a lie
I am an air doll
I’m soaking wet

Have you never seen the ocean?
sexual desire
The Winter Triangle
smell the sea

Life contains its own absence,
You need air…
I took a picture
Movies for Crying

What have you seen
An insect or a breeze
people with cold hands,
I found myself with a heart…

I don’t mind if I’m a substitute
I’ll breathe into you like before
It warmed you up
Always stay beside me

You don’t know poems?
Burnable garbage
This smell reminds me

Look at the flowers
in the trash
That’s a dandelion
Light passes through it

I was lonely without her
That’s what I was born for
When the air left your body
and the stars come out


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