My wife died destitute
She left her child
We should have put a stone in with her

You know I still love you, don’t you?
If you only knew how it felt to leave
I will marry you
but… I was hated

My joy is all the greater…
It might’ve been a hoax
I am going to feel very Ionely
…in the ambulance

something about my son
You are my father
that brute who wanted me to be happy?
Well, the lions ate him

I remain devoted to you.
…you will be mercilessly punished
My alleged death suits
The coffin was empty

to find out who wrote these letters
worth their weight in gold
My fortune will be yours
A vulture’s head

With their left hands, the two nuns
With a cry of rage,
when I was pulling him out of the grave
This is not a sight for your eyes

I have no time for charity
He could at least have married you
It’s her
set these pigeons free


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