Do you ever think about death?
Let me caress you.
We won’t have sex.
Let me see your toes.
and a bottle of milk.
Show me.
On Sunday morning,
On the kiss’s beveled edge
Let me see.

I want to know what’s behind your face.
Why are you so mean?
If by eight you haven’t smiled,
pretty wrists,
will lay a wreath
Take your clothes off.
murderers murder, lovers love.
Why are you shutting your eyes?
I’ll put all this in my book.

It’s nice to wake up next to a girl.
Memory’s broken pledge
is the nicest thing about you.
When I was a kid my dad would say,
I love a girl with a pretty neck,
No drama so perilous or magnetic
Grief’s stupid.
It’s never entirely black.
I didn’t love him any more.

You complicate your life.
if you don’t like the mountains…
but I’m quite a boxer.
the worst flaw is cowardice.
I know them all by heart.
If it was another man caressing you,
Funny… I can see myself in your eyes.
Let’s go see a Western.
I’d like to think about something,


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