I’ve Loved You So Long


In the sky the stars
There was nothing and nobody there.
You were staring at me.
One of your many lovers?

Look there are petals.
Something like this takes time.
difference between shadow and fog.
I longed for prison.

A cat? The wind? The holy spirit?
Sisters talk about things.
I counted my steps.
I killed my son.

She could no longer dance,
I can’t explain it very well.
I’m all alone here, you know.
I write poems in there.

The perfect woman. Beautiful, intelligent.
simplistic extrapolations that are nothing
Give me a kiss.
I don’t know why.

Japanese films put me to sleep.
you must have murdered someone.
A world without me.
We all need protecting, don’t we

The prince drove slowly through the forest
Everything I have gets stolen here.
It’s beautiful. The Montagne Noire,
During the week I usually eat from cans.

Just emptiness.
I started having nightmares.
An expert in love letters.
And every night the heap’s larger,

It’s like a punishment.
the number of days you’d been gone.
Life changes us.
That’s my secret book.

No, I’ve been swimming.
Against absolutely everything.
I’ll come up for a kiss.
Hurry if you love her.

I brought you some flowers.
I slept with a man.
I laid next to him
I’m going to smoke in the garden.

He was thinking of her smooth face
It’s a whole universe.
a child in my belly.
and my heart shivered

Nowadays fountains are scarce.
And numerous shades of truth.
A kind of fortress wall.
That difference is wolf.

Let’s butter the cups.
She is trapped in the painting.
Dostoyevsky is no exception.
A pain so deep that my …

That’s how life is.


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