Le Feu Follet


I’ve always wanted to marry you.
I wasn’t a good lover.
Tomorrow I kill myself.

At the bottom is a great sun
That’s where my sickness lies.
Ideas. Gods.

Yes, I’m older. The hopes are gone,
I’d spent my life waiting.
Not lovely enough.

I’ll write a few pages
We poets have no need for drugs
Aren’t you sick of mirages?

Beauty. Goodness.
in gilded mediocrity.
I drink because I’m a bad lover.

He says we need some mountain air.
It would wound him even more.
with an indelible stain.

She has other things on her mind.
It slips right through your fingers.
Was it her contented rage

Don’t leave, I’m begging you.
did you notice his voice?
The party’s over.

I wanted you to help me die.
I wanted so much to be loved..
to sleep with her to prove it.

You defend the shadows,
Certainties frighten you.
She makes you want to touch her.

Him and his strongman act.
His work… more alibis.
Abandoned, ruined,

Lovely persons aren’t demanding.
Because our ties were loose,
I fainted in the street.

the musty house
Five minutes with her
You’re empty inside.

You must make people feel
But I can’t touch you.
Don’t you remember me?



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