The Seventh Continent


How can you tell someone you’re blind?
beautiful and sad to see
And she was my friend.
everything’s just fine.
Despite the farewell letter,
the look she gave me.
this decision cost us
We’ll have to disconnect the phone
and you never hear from me.
Is it true that you pretended

The Family S.
could not believe it was suicide
in church at Easter
Mama’s death,
Dear Lord, make me meek,
a puddle on the floor.
Do you feel all alone sometimes?
Put on your red sweater.
Keep your fingers crossed…

So, time for prayers.
I felt sorry for her in a way
But I had other things going on
could not believe it was suicide
He became extremely depressed.
an incompetent man
in an excellent financial state.
Nobody could have known
You’re red because you scratched.
and she ran away

Look straight ahead please
I won’t harm you in any way.
Please don’t be sad
He loves you very much.
I’ll pick you up.
so that I in Heaven shall Thee meet.
where we could see our thoughts.
you have to imagine,
It tastes bitter.

to be blind?
Is that true?
Come on, open your eyes!
How else can I see what’s wrong with you?
How are you doing?
Perhaps you can remember
Did you pretend to be blind?
I see…
I didn’t want anything
a lot of sleepless nights

who is the dearest person
You can imagine, at that age:
She really hid it that well…
Sometimes I wonder
I want to hear the truth.
There were days when he couldn’t
because there is nothing,
at the beginning of the month,
for you and for us?

I didn’t say I was blind.
we have lived straight in the eye
You don’t want to hurt yourself.
over someone else’s life
full of spite
is it true that you pretended
to keep us tied down here.
Give me a kiss.
a form of critique or whatever

so I finally have the time to write.
Will you leave the light on?
Should I turn it down a bit?
Good night, my love.

Police investigations
indicated murder.



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