The Face of Another


Too pretty.
You were unlucky.
I’m watching you closely.
I’ve been smoking too much.

The world outside seems
She saw me with bandages.
I’m no one at all.

I live in a much greater darkness.
A world without family,
all the lights in the world.
Sell us your face.

My tongue’s rough.
Because I imagine
Loneliness and friendship
her prejudice about faces.

Long ago, hangmen used to wear masks.
People aren’t what they seem.
That ring you dropped.
I really promised

I want to be on my own.
…between your first feelings and now.
Move your lips a little.
Remember the sea

Yes… about my fear.
We’re two strangers about
Don’t run away.

A narcotic and a sedative.
I thought we both knew
I seem like a monster
I wish I were.

lonely man.
you’re talking like a child.
Even monsters have their pleasures.
Do I look pretty from your side?

Forgive me.
I’m buried alive.
You lied when you said
Men don’t have wings.

The bedroom.
It’s you who gave up.
I’d like to see the sea.
We should have used liquid air.

The mind’s left to corrode,
Your former face,
It’s a trick of yours.
You promised.

strangers to each other.
telephones and letters.
Our secret?

he sat right next to her.
so terribly far away.
a lonely thing.
always surrounded by cripples.

to commit adultery.
Only a layer of skin.
No feeling of fresh air
Like someone’s taken me over.

No, I thought about jealousy.
About your double life
I’m gonna burn
or I’ll cut out your tongue.

The face is only a space
A different suit…
…or even a war wound…
The shape of the glove.


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