Woman in the Dunes


Were there men like me before?
…buried by tiny particles
asking for help.

The sand won’t wait.
Young people don’t like to stay.
This life’s really too hard

My body feels sticky.
Maybe I’ll write about it
The room’s screaming for help.

That’s funny. The ladder’s gone.
it’s a lifelong problem.
Don’t wear anything in bed…

Like building a house on water.
all this is meaningless?
Until morning.

But crows are very clever.
I’ll tie a letter to its leg
A total loss if it eats away

hard shells.
tourist cards.
and tulips.

I’m collecting insects.
Behind me will be friends,
Afraid I’ll wake up all alone again.

We need hands so much.
Your rescuers.
My breath’s on fire.

Were my veins filled with cement,
No, bronze-colored…
We fooled each other.

My family’s graves are here.
one-eighth of a millimetre across.
Soil came out of a ceiling

It’s almost three months.
Shall I untie you?
They may think you ran away…

The winds will blow soon –
something valuable.
You want to see the sea?

If you want to help her,
my house will be buried in the sand.


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