I don’t know what keys are.
The ones she has inside.
When I felt short of breath, I felt…
Love is the prettiest thing.
look at her blouse.

but you looked pretty to me.
You filled the house
The smell that was here…
How much blood have you lost?
Are you leaving forever?

Oh, Father.
I swear he’s a saint.
He’s gentle, does no tricks.
He cured the girl
Here’s the chocolate.

Everybody comes in and out.
dives into your bones.
She pulled out a knife…
You yelled in your sleep.
Reject sorrow.

Today you were distracted
…three dogs howled.
Think of your sins.
Go look for milk.
and outer wounds.

I’m going to bleed you,
He’ll need bandages
That’s what death is like.
Soon, in a moment, a rope
And superstition.

You’ve taken over my thoughts.
I had never cared for anyone.
I’m dying.
Come with me now that it’s dark
in my mouth, honey pie.

I have taken a life.
and the Virgin Mary’s hands.
You are no longer needed.
…because an owl chirped all night.
Let me fix that wound.

I have failed, child.
Nobody loves…
Humiliation is good
Lead us not into temptation.

Besides, my few possessions…
She took my buttons.
A coin, for the love of God.
…in her home such sorrow.
Made of shells.

Is that how you love, Father?
for the wound?
Don’t mention miracles,
Careful, his hand.

Because night carries
Because I care for you.
And burglarized many churches.
I want you at my side.

so little, doll.
She came in to clean
Joyous and sorrowful.
…you won’t make me leave your side.
Each to his own solitude.



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