Your hymen’s right here.
“That’s the fragrance of paradise.”
You’ve been saying that for years.
Look, I found a seashell.

Can you read between the lines?
I slept with the entire world.
I used to kiss
Turn the wheel…

Where are the girls who blush
Rubbing up against boys’ necks.
I lost my sons.
So I stay a virgin

I’m going to dive under the water.
Careful with the knife.
Did you bleed a lot?
You’ll fall in love.

I only found out later
We’re locked in the house.
we have nothing to say.
and the word of the Prophet,

Sometimes she cried.
When I say I’m a virgin,
with your full consent.
But they’ll grow fond of one another.

Where are the veils?
Which one acts like a whore?
Leave me alone.
No one likes a soft dolma.

I was thirsty.
We’ll say we’re sick.
changed in the blink of an eye.
But I grew to love him.

Muddy slippers
the soles of my mum’s feet.
A beautiful girl too.
A few basic principles about soup.


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