La Grande Bellezza


He’s obsessed.
with the vulgarity of words.
And in the end I thought…
Don’t leave me.

I haven’t seen you in 30 years
I take photos, you know.
a feverish vapour ascends like smoke
You’re always in my heart.

And like all fathers, I’m worried.
You must’ve been deeply in love
You just have to close your eyes.
Tell me why you left me, please.

These harsh damning judgements
laurel leaves, rosemary…
You don’t need my prayers.
I prefer you to be sad.

One photo per day.
Yes, she left you.
Without rain…
Can you see the sea?

How can I make you feel
My condolences.
especially the hips.
Morning is an unknown object to me.

like sweethearts under an oak tree.
You take the mourner’s hands,
From the crevices of that soil
I was looking for the great beauty,

It was nice loving each other.
One must never cry at a funeral.
but I love knife throwers.
This is how it always ends.

she smelled of flowers.
She brushed me with her lips…
flashes of beauty.
things that are meaningless to me.

She took a step back.
She left me, I think,
It was nice not making love.
when you feel the void,

I’m a transparent person,
a sea monster today.
Our journey is entirely imaginary.
I spent all my summers

the chitter chatter and the noise.
She found it beautiful and fierce.
Because he listens.
You’re guaranteed to be unhappy.

People who are younger than me,
hide a certain fragility,
Wouldn’t armbands be more


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