My Life as a Dog


We thought you’d drowned.
This is what it’s like inside a girl.

Yes, out with your tongue.
so you’ll be weightless.

You can see my machine.
Completely naked?

At the first kiss his lost heart
Just a few scratches on my back.

everything that’s yours.
That’s where I live.

Time heals all wounds,
I should have told her everything

Girls have a sort of bottle inside.
They can tell things from handwriting.

She’s going to die.
with the waves.

Life is hard sometimes.
being poisoned with arsenic.

They put her in a sputnik
Kind of like the source of love.

She spun around up there for five months
Ribbons are incredible.

Who are you in love with today?
She sort of reads. She photographs

Then she puts her book down.
They attached wires to her heart

It is important to have things
Stories from life.

You have to say no sometimes.
You’re frozen.

I forgot to buy grapes.
The referee stops the match.


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