Ugetsu Monogatari


Pitched by the waves
the pleasures of a woman’s life,
with a price in suffering.

Are you dreaming?
The guns are almost silent.
That’s the voice of my late father.

I am no longer among the living.
without ever having known love.
V- formations and the like.

These misfortunes won’t last.
like crystal.
and hope dies.

Let me look closely at your face.
Wash away the writing on your skin.
Yes, at the foot of the mountain.

Tales of Moonlight and Rain
these dreadful thoughts
Where we weep until the dawn comes

We’ll row across the lake.
The fog is thick.
Forget your foolish dreams.

The value of people and things
a ghost or enchantress,
burned it down.

keep a clear, discerning mind.
And I’ll buy a suit of armor.
The finest silk

Remember: Take the mountain path.
One silver piece.
abandoned boats there.

They’re pillaging houses
By swearing your love
I want you never to leave my side.

their strength, their souls,
in the chaos of the war.
Helping you spin the wheel

Lead your husband by the hand
a peasant dressed in rags.
The shadow of death

you speak of returning home,
the man I had hoped for.
lingers in the palace

to see her sorrow.
to create such beautiful objects.
is a dream come true.


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