You took me by surprise.
But I remember the feelings.
It was beautiful
Totally confused, frightened.
Yes, it swung to and fro.

Come on, open your mouth.
Put your knees against mine
There I was, in tears in the courtyard,
It was fed by an icy mountain stream.
I hope from the bottom of my heart

There are still many stories
from seeing her.
I don’t understand
It wears me out.

you looked very pretty tonight.
and yet sad to see you.
in the midst of the forest.
all my feelings and tears come back,
Put your right arm around me.

You left the water running.
Look, there’s still dampness
What would you say
With deepest sympathy,
I’m out of my depth.

She was speechless,
as soon as the music began.
I’m sorry to descend upon you like this.
and plunge into a lake.
You’re soaked through.

and we went out into the rain.
It was covered all over in stars.
and I remained alone, in tears.
It was a small lake
from her childhood.

I don’t remember the film either.
when she came to visit me,
My heartfelt wishes
and then one day it will all be over.

He returned to me, devoured by remorse.
I was so sorry that I couldn’t manage
Imagine if we were lying in bed
At some point I lost that postcard.
The lamp is broken, too.


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