I can’t think about anything else
I suggest you forget about her.
It’s like a dream.

Of course. I’d love to see you.
You are very beautiful.
Did you hold her in your arms?

I’m going to propose to her then.
Warmly wrapping me…
I’ve reduced the scars.

Because you’re blind in love now.
So my dream collapsed.
you won’t be mine completely

Every star has their defining moment.
it purified the dark side of me.
Pain can be trusted.

He just disappeared.
It’s called romanticism.
An extra tongue as well.

This scar is from my first suicide attempt
I did nothing in a dark room everyday.
Don’t trust pictures.

I never tried to kill myself.
I intend to get married again.
I’ve reduced the scars.

Words create lies.
but there was no answer.
The whole of Japan is lonely.

Did you touch her body?
It’s a little harbour,
The waves are too high.

I’ve paralyzed your body but
Don’t take off your clothes yet.

Men can’t maintain without
female support.
We saw her blood flowing

A lack of confidence brings
something beyond your control.
The whole thing is tilted.

You are very beautiful.
Please love me.
Sorry, you are the first one.

I prefer real-life girls
No, a girl with that much talent
It’ll be a romantic story.


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