My heart – he thought again and again.
We relate to it as twigs to the rain:
The two clocks show different times.

order and freedom are linked by passion.
That’s how one just loses heart in everything.
mind… the rain…

For they can’t live without splendor and illusion.
She was just staring in and then she disappeared.
That’s true. She’s really worth it.

But human life is meaningful, rich, beautiful and filthy.
It looked like a shallow lake, like Lake Balaton does now.
Since then I’ve been turning in my bed, half-asleep.

And to the sweet sound of an accordion,
She had no reason to be worried.
Milk chocolate…

You haven’t heard of inside rains, of course.
your pure tenderness.
You need a settled, sober man,

he never talked about spiders.
with secret threads,
the cat, the acacias,

…A tiny spark…
then finally the black nothingness.
in which they became inextricably intertwined.

Regard me as a researcher who investigates
the rosary on the rim of the tub
to get our minds over the heartbreak,

He saw the fleeing night on the other side,
He longed to lie in a warm room,
Hollowed be thy name.

is the grief of losing the one who is dearest to our hearts.
Then there are myriads of stars so distant, impossible to reach…
whether it was daybreak or evening, it just had no end.

they had the sea to go round.
crippled paralysing worry…
They shook hands again and parted.

but he started to lose heart,
the trees, the road, the rain
He stretched out and felt the rope loosen.

If you miss him so much, go back for him.
There’ll be weeping and mourning,
What have you done to the sea, to the earth?

And then the ground moved under my feet.
the sun rises to give birth to shade,
and a pack of cigarettes.

Is it the crumbling plaster…
Where something stirs…
with a tiny spark in the middle… the Ego.

only makes the air thinner in front of our mouths.
Thy kingdom come,

to defy our tears when our voices fail us.
and wash the heart, the liver,
My mother’s the sea,

She knew that her angels
See, with the knot upwards…
No sea, no earth either..

this muddy road, the sky,
Of that precious treasure I have been given,
seems to weaken.

Go now and think of the future we’ll share.
I thought the bells rumbling in the sky


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