The Sacrifice

01_The Sacrifice, 1986, Andrei Tarkovsky, image courtesy of Kino Lorber_0

My dear girl…
We had no map with us,
I’ve waited for this all my life.

they don’t love in the same way.
when darkness had fallen
because they are blind…

You keep going on about truth.
and watered the withered tree
Things that are unexplainable

He climbed up the mountain
And your eyes were full of tears.
water in the wells,

Your voice is so weak.
amidst the ruined garden
so close to the sea.

Her hair was unbelievably lovely.
a kind of present for you.
Yes, I did. I fell.

She came from Iceland
She was still alive in those days.
We hope, we lose hope,

someone else inside me, saying:
Don’t you want all of this
You must go to her and convince her.

and lie with her.
on a mountainside
that binds me to life…

I’m sort of a collector.
But those tears meant nothing.
The war ended. She moved to another

Where had all the beauty gone?
Anyway, I looked out the window
and married another.

stroke of the clock,
– and a son he adores.
He began to cry.


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