Masculin Féminin


It’s difficult to explain
Give me time to dream a while
Don’t you like being in love?

Have you seen that girl again?
…present in light and shadow…
…everything secret, caressing,

This wasn’t the film we’d imagined…
Here on Earth, the cruelest star,
you’ve lied to me once more

Photographs, I mean
He poured petrol over himself
The images seemed old and flickery;

Love, love… in the man’s heart
What I wanted to say was:

Finally, the fleur-de-lys panties
He should have been more careful;

– An article on Bob Dylan
It’s not about desire or the blues
She’s not singing about love

I want to live with you
For me, sexuality involves the skin.

You broke my heart completely
Do you often fall in love?
…speaking with your own mouth,

Yes, I’d really like to sleep with you
O.K., but hands off, then
The light dims

…the screen would light up
…through injections
I’ve a whole lot of photographs

To see life, to really see it,
Your hair, eyes, nose, mouth, hands…

Still thinking about her?
Leave me with my unhappiness
I can’t; I was meaning to tell you

And my love is in the sea, in dreams
It’s the sub-titled version
It’s the echo; I can’t hear

I hear running footsteps
I love sham, I love lies,
but it was all in vain


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