Days of Being Wild


There was a bird…
I wonder what she’s doing now
…l’ve forgot everything

A woman comes out of nowhere
Which lied and flied until it died
it slept in the wind

I always tell myself
from the hospital,
“My heart is broken…”

Are you afraid of missing your ship?
I wanted to be a sailor
kill these nights

in your dream
We are almost closed,
Take off you slippers

my dream last night
my Christian name
I think there’s more you’ve stolen

I won’t know who I love
I may be lost too
Will you marry me?

Sir, are you alone?
This kind of bird
You are cheating yourself

to kill a night with her
my eyes when I die
This is your dream

Maybe I will never see her again
a prostitute before
Why don’t you talk?

I’ll hate myself if I go back again
But I’ve memorized this guy
picked up from the garbage


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