One Wonderful Sunday


Can you hear?
I want to take my words back
the cherry trees blossomed.
All is black now.

my dreams.
No sunshine.
A Sunday photo.
Be careful, they will hurt you.

This bird is unhappy.
It can survive by eating paper, so easy.
We’ll see each other next Sunday.

Come over here.
Please don’t make such a sorrowful face.
Please come after me.
But you keep being silent all the time.

My fortunate feeling is all over.
Everyone dreams.
as guarantees.
So we say goodbye here.

Please clap your hands.
Please imagine beautiful dreams for us.
Why did you stop?
In order to blow away the cold wind.

I am a stray dog.
A pig in the lion’s cage.
Dreams can’t make your belly full.
Does your wrist hurt?

The times have changed,
Vertical letters are sharper.
I have a talent for making coffee.
So I had to leave.

The shop will be called ‘Wind Letter’
No, my entire body.
it will only make you feel sad.
Only poor men know the importance

You are too romantic.
I remember our first date.
She has her reasons.
Unfinished Symphony.

Tonight is the most beautiful night
I don’t want to leave you this way.
All I have left is you.
The curtain is blue.


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